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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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Patricia . Strunk

Your blogs and every other content is so entertaining and useful It makes me come back again.

Account Deleted

Your writings, articles, blogs I mean over all contents is must read matter.

Robert Hawk

Our primary residences should not be a source of tax revenue for any political entity including school districts.
Revenues for political activity should be derived from productive sources such as value added and consumption. If we consume more, we should pay more.
Our homes do not fit either of these.
This is particularily true for senior citizens. We mostly live on fixed income and past savings, which already have been taxed, and income from those sources are taxed.
But as we age our consumption decreases and so should our taxes.Real estate taxes are a serious drain on our resources. They never go down and the homeowner has no control over real estate taxes.
I implore all homeowners to petition the Legislature to move forward and pass HB1776 and free our homes from the burden of real estate taxes

loan jurong

The quality of information that you are providing is simply marvelous.


Not to mention what really happened: The Chairman was to vote on behalf of Rep Denlinger due to a scheduling conflict, and because of a "miscommunication" the Chairman did not vote the way Denlinger intended, causing the 11-13 outcome. It's all below.


Paul Roscoe

The following representatives on the Finance Committee have received numerous sizeable campaign contributions from the Pennsylvania State Educaction Association which is strongly opposed to the Act. It is no wonder that these representatives voted to table the Act. These representatives are Kerry Benninghoff(R) Tim Briggs(D) Margo Davidson(D) Madeleine Dean(D) Duane Milne(R) Michael Peifer(R)and Mario Scavello(R). The dates and amount of these contributions are available for the public to see at www.campaigncontributions.state.pa.us

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