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Friday Happy Hour


President Obama this week forcefully addressed his critics, many of whom have been just north of hysterical, over charges that the administration hasn’t “taken charge” of a hole in the ocean floor, as if somehow the federal government, which on most days cannot even pave roads correctly, can magically save us all from a disaster 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.  You think the U.S. Government is efficient enough to lasso this here problem?  Try to get a passport in under 6 weeks, see what happens. Most of the scathing criticism of Obama is, oddly enough, coming from his allies, who apparently won’t be satisfied until he announces that he plans to plug the hole with Republican Senators.

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Late this morning, the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition will take the stage in the Capitol Media Center to make its case for a comprehensive $3.5 billion solution to our well-documented transportation and transit funding woes. We have seen the reports, like this recent one, which gave our state failing grades on almost every aspect of its infrastructure. We've heard the discussions about user fees, public/private partnerships and oil franchise taxes.

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Misreading the TEA Leaves


A Guest Blog by David Dumeyer, Independant Consultant on Education and Government

One political blogger recently suggested, based on last Tuesday's primary election results, that the “Great Pennsylvania Tea Party [was] over before it started”.  Perhaps the writer is the local distributor for Wishful Thinking, Inc.  Or perhaps he was celebrating with those who had  something a bit stronger than tea. 

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Friday's Final Word


A day before the polls opened this week, Governor Ed Rendell took on the Tea Party movement, which, according to Rendell, does not exist.  The Teaple, said Ed, are in fact simply a small group of folks who are inordinately loud, and have become a media creation, much like the Kardashians. Right or wrong, Rendell proved to at least have a temporary point, as the Tea Party had a less-than-stellar day in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

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Governor's Race: Choose Your Curse


If you’re a backer of newly-minted Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett you can be pleased today that history is on the side of your candidate.  Since 1954, the political party in the Governor’s Mansion has switched every eight years.  In 1955 Democrat George Leader took office succeeding Republican John Fine and started the modern tradition. 

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Final PA Candidate Social Media Numbers


By Roy J. Wells, President, Triad Strategies

 With the social media train rolling out of 30th Street Station in Philadelphia like a steam locomotive (as opposed to the mythical Maglev,) I took a break from writing a weekly column updating you on the social media exploits of Pennsylvania’s statewide primary candidates since I am still waiting to reach the station stop at Ardmore.  Though some candidates have embraced the “new media,” we have not seen this medium achieve its potential. 

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Friday: All the News We Care to Comment On


 Here is your weekly Friday news wrap-up!  Enjoy!

Late in the campaign season, candidates often find themselves arguing over some of the nuttiest and most downright trivial things.  This brings us to Alabama (the state, not the part of Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia,) where this week two gubernatorial candidates are having a pitched battle over who hates the theory of evolution more.  Scary part?  One of them will win.

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Silver Lining for State Budget


Last week, we posted a piece outlining how the current budget stalemate could result in some Armageddon-like scenarios.   Apparently, this caused more than a few people to end up breathing into brown paper bags for the rest of the afternoon.  So as a public service, today we will look at how the stars could line up for a quick – and relatively painless – end to the budget dance.

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Is Sugared Drink Tax a Sweet Deal?


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has proposed a 2-cents-per-ounce excise tax on soda and other sugared soft drinks.  His staff estimates the tax, which could raise the cost of a liter bottle of Coca Cola by 72 cents, will generate about $77 million a year and plans to earmark about $20 million of that for programs to fight obesity among children.

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Weekly Memo Greatest Hits, Vol. 2


Every Friday here at Triad, we provide our clients with a rather irrverant, often humorous and sometimes biting look at the news of the past week.  When we launched the Triadvocate late last year, we gave readers a "Greatest Hits" edition to kick things off.  Because you can never smile too much on a Monday, here is a look at some of the Greatest Hits of 2010.  Enjoy! 

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