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Immigration Debate Could Shape PA Elections


A federal judge today granted an injunction blocking the most controversial parts of the new Arizona immigration law from going into effect.  The law was scheduled to take effect this Thursday.  While we do not wish to argue the merits of the law or the lawsuit, what happens in Arizona might just have an effect on Pennsylvania politics this November.

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Corporate Taxes and Campaigns


The back-and-forth over Tom Corbett’s recent remarks about the job market in Pennsylvania has cast a new light on what each gubernatorial candidate plans to do on the issue of corporate taxation in the state.  Both Corbett and rival Dan Onorato agree on one point: Pennsylvania’s 9.9% Corporate Net Income tax is an extreme burden to job creation, and something must be done to lower the rate.

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Friday Happy Hour


This week, the human race continued to struggle with the new placement of the earth, which has apparently been relocated to a position a scant 4 miles from the surface of the sun.  Thank goodness global warming is a hoax, or we’d all be in really big trouble.  Oh, and NBA star LeBron James decided to go to Miami and do something or another, saving us all from certain Armageddon.

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Friday Happy Hour


Ed Rendell probably wasn’t thinking about songwriter Don McLean or humming the tune “American Pie” when he granted an
interview to the Harrisburg Patriot-News last week, but for His Excellency, it was “the day the music died.” In that media interchange he let slip for the first time that he recognized that he was, truly, a lame duck governor. “I’m ready to get out … Everything is so partisan ... and nobody cares any more about doing the right thing. It’s mind-boggling to me that I’m looking forward to Jan. 18th, but I’m ready to go.” 

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Friday Interview with Senator Daylin Leach


 For your Friday social media fix, hop on over the and watch Roy’s exclusive interview with State Senator Daylin Leach( Daylin provides an entertaining overview (and if you know the Senator it will be well worth your time) of how he uses social networking platforms.

Roy still continues to be dedicated to bipartisanship, but the Senate calendar made it easier to fit  the Senator in this week, so we will pick have a member from the House Republican Caucus next time.