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NRA and, Together in Social Media


Rarely do we get to see the National Rifle Association and used in the same article.  Normally, those two fun-loving groups don’t reside in the same zip code.

However, social media has become sort of a 21stcentury version of the ring of power from the Lord of the Rings: it binds them all.  A new report by the venerable Burson-Marsteller shows that an astounding 97% of advocacy groups in the country have at least a nominal presence on one or more social media platforms.  From the NRA and to the AARP and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, groups are flocking into the world of social media.

Unlike advocacy campaigns of yore, the new ones feature conversations that may not be happening at massive rallies, or through expensive phone bank operations.  They are happening on Facebook, Twitter and countless other blogs and web sites.

Triad President Roy Wells is listening to those conversations, and he dives into this new development today over at  Check it out.


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