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November 2010

Of Earmarks and WAMs


One of the rallying cries in some political circles preceding the November elections was “No more earmarks!”  They must be done away with, according to some candidates and elected members of Congress, lest our democracy crumble into anarchy.  Pork barrel spending, it seemed, would go the way of the Edsel as soon as Congress returned for the Lame Duck Session.

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Friday Happy Hour


The Pennsylvania House and Senate wrapped up their internal caucus leadership elections this week and save for the Senate Democrats, the state’s largest city will have an almost-unprecedented dearth of leadership voices at the big table next year.  Check out our Triadvocate post from yesterday for a more detailed analysis.  If you followed our Twitter feed this week, you wouldn’t have had to wait long to find out who the new leaders are.  So before you hibernate for the winter, jump on and follow us.   

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Partisan Majority vs. Governing Majority


“No more excuses,” was how one lawmaker described the challenges facing the GOP in Pennsylvania over the next two years.  He was referring, of course, to the beating his party administered to the Democrats at the polls a week ago, and how the time has come for the Republicans to deliver on their promises.

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