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December 2010

The 2010 Year in PA Politics: Part 1


Welcome to our annual, time-honored and razor-sharp year-end wrap of the big stories that made life worth living (and writing about) in the Keystone State.  Unlike most other boring compilations, ours is an amalgam of newsworthy stories as seen through the jaundiced eyes and acerbic keyboards of the Triadvocate staff.

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Thursday Holiday Happy Hour


'Twas the night before the night before Christmas…

On Tuesday night, somebody stole the moon.  Rush Limbaugh immediately accused President Barack Obama of orchestrating the deed.  The moon was returned unharmed after three hours.  You can check out the video here, but we caution you: It might hit your eye like a big pizza pie.  

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What PA Politicos Want From Santa


The holidays are upon us, and as such, we thought it would be a good idea to let you in on the secret Christmas lists for Pennsylvania politicos.  Even our esteemed elected officials are not above sending their wish lists to the North Pole, and due to our deep connections with the portly guy in the red suit, we were able to capture some of them for your pleasure.

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Friday Happy Hour: 1994 Rewind Edition


Tax bills, omnibus spending bills (which may or may not be D.O.A.), Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the START Treaty, immigration reform…Congress knows how to throw one heck of a lame duck bash up in this hizzy!  Our federal lawmakers are like college kids who spend all semester noodling around, only to pull all-nighters right before finals.

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What Are You Worth To Your Electric Company?


A Guest Post by Barbara Hafer, Honorary Chairwoman

Energy Consumers First Coalition

Sometimes when you’ve been on hold for 20 minutes listening to “elevator music” when you have called your favorite utility with a question about a bill or another issue, you might wonder whether these folks really appreciate you as a customer.

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Friday Happy Hour: Lizard King Version


The battle over the expiration/extension of the Bush tax cuts continues to dominate the nation’s headlines this week.  And to be kind, the debate has gone from the absurd to the sublime, back to the absurd and then to the downright ri-gosh-darned-diculous.  It began with President Obama signaling that he had reached a compromise with the GOP:  They get all the tax cuts extended for two years, he gets a few new tax breaks he likes, and the unemployed get help for an additional 13 months. 

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Friday Happy Hour: The WikiLeaks Version


Most of the material in this week’s memo comes to you courtesy of WikiLeaks, who dominated the news cycles this week by releasing what turned out to be the State Department equivalent of the time when you passed a love note to your junior high sweetheart, and the teacher intercepted it and read it in front of the whole class.  That is to say, the big data dump may have embarrassed some folks, but the world didn’t stop spinning. 

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