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Friday Happy Hour: SOTU Edition


President Barack Obama this week gave his second State of the Union Address, which will be remembered for referencing a Russian satellite and something about smoked salmon.  Congressman Paul Ryan gave the official GOP rebuttal, which was a measured and coherent message about something or another.  And then there was Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.  It is a safe bet that Obama and the Democrats really, REALLY want her to run for President.

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Friday Happy Hour


In the wake of the Tucson tragedy this week, we are going to strive mightily to dispense with any snarky comments about how childishly some in the media continue to behave.  Instead, we would like to share the link that warmed our hearts more than any other this week.  The gist of this story?  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords now has a “101%” chance of surviving.  Scumbag Jared Loughner?  A markedly lower chance of surviving.

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Friday Happy Hour


If you read this week’s Happy Hour in its entirety, we promise to stop making it rain dead birds.  Honest.

The new legislature gathered on Tuesday to kick off the new 2011-2012 Session.  There was peace and harmony in all the land.  Rep. Sam Smith (R-Jefferson) was elected Speaker of the House, and Senator Joe Scarnati (R-Same County as Smith) resumed his role as President Pro Tempore (which is Latin for “This is MY house!)  Both sides of the aisle made speeches about compromise, respect, civility and being nice to each other.  Which should all be over in 10…9…8…

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