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TSN: Q and A with Rep. Rick Geist


TSN’s Tony May was fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview last week with House Transportation Committee Chairman Rick Geist, a 17-term Republican lawmaker from Altoona.  If you believe that Pennsylvania can continue to kick the funding can down the road, you need to watch this interview.  To say that Geist’s words were sobering would not come close to doing it justice.

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Friday Happy Hour: Budget Edition


We usually kick off our weekly wrap with a tidbit or two about the goings-on in the Federal City, but since this week featured the inaugural budget address from Governor Tom Corbett, we decided to dispense with the national stuff and get right down to business.  Cuz man, alive, there was some business going on up in here this week!

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PA Budget: Winners and Losers


For those who predicted that Pennsylvania’s landscape would look like a scene from “Resident Evil” after Governor Tom Corbett’s inaugural budget address, you can breathe a bit easier.  Yes, it is an austere budget.  Yes, it has plenty of pain to go around.  But anyone who says they didn’t see this coming has simply not been paying much attention to the governor.

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Friday Happy Hour: Buy in Bulk Edition


President Obama this week signed a two-week stopgap budget bill that will avert a government shutdown – for now.  Sweet Polly Purebred is still tied to the tracks, but the train has slowed down a bit.  Obama has dispatched Vice President Biden to negotiate with the House GOP.  What could possible go wrong there?  We’ll see if Son of Stopgap surfaces in a fortnight.  Magic Eight Ball says: “Bet your life on it.”  

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