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First Annual Triad NFL Mock Draft


As most of our readers are already aware, Triad does a Friday Happy Hour post each week, which is essentially a slightly warped wrap-up of the top policy and political news of the week.  But what few folks know is the fact that some of Triad’s employees, partners and consultants actually engage in the occasional real happy hour at local establishments, where we quaff a few cold sarsaparillas and talk about everything from history to religion to current events to, inevitably, sports.  In fact, yesterday’s topic of conversation was Michael Vick, who was recently listed as the third most influential athlete using social media.

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Friday Happy Hour: Porcupine Season


Members of Congress spent the week breaking their own arms by patting themselves on the back over passing $38 billion worth of budget cuts which, according to the CBO, will only be worth a few hundred million bucks in this fiscal year.  Oh, and did we mention the federal deficit is coming in at around $1.5 trillion?  So to put this in proper context, that $38 billion is known as a “rounding error” in some circles.  But hey, break out the band! 

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AICUP: Higher Ed Funds Should Follow Students

AICUP - Francis Cropped (2) 

A Guest Blog by Don Francis, President of Association of Independant Colleges and Univerisites of Pennsylvania

State funding for higher education is making news these days, but I believe a key point of this discussion is being overlooked.  While all the talk is about how much tax money should be given to institutions, there is little discussion of whether this is the best way to increase access to higher education, especially for lower and middle income students.

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Friday Happy Hour


It is entirely possible that by the time the clock strikes midnight tonight, the federal government will be closed for business due to a budget stalemate.  While House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid fight like two wet cats in a burlap sack, it got us to thinking: maybe while the shop is closed, maintenance folks can get in there and give the government a good cleaning.  It was starting to smell a bit in there anyway. 

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