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Friday Happy Hour: The Rapture Edition


Enjoy the final version of the weekly update since, as we understand it, the world will be ending (or Rapturing, anyway) tomorrow somewhere around 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  For those who are not making the trip to the great beyond, there will be some lovely looting going on the next day, so make your plans now.  We’ll be at H.H. Gregg, Wegmans and the liquor store, not necessarily in that order.

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Anonymous Gambler: NHL Playoff Edition


An occasional sports and spirits blog by a man who, after going 1 for 3 in his Kentucky Derby picks, feels it is justified to update his nom de plume to Mr. Fabulous.  Go figure.

Uncle Mo was a medical scratch. Dialed In, the shaky favorite and a stone closer, never got there. And most of the speed horses in last Saturday's 137 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs faded like a librarian at a Friday happy hour on Second Street.

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Private Parking


The upcoming House of Representatives vote on public/private partnerships for transportation projects is not the only game in town when it comes to privatization.  As we know, the Corbett Administration has already embarked on its own path to privatization by naming a commission to study the issue and make recommendations on how to get government out of any business that private industry might be able to do more efficiently.  Today’s Allentown Morning Call delves into that topic rather nicely.

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Friday Happy Hour


The world looked on breathlessly Sunday night as President Barack Obama took to the podium and announced that an elite Navy Seal team had, in fact, killed the world’s most infamous terrorist, Osama (Usama?) bin Laden, who was at the time putting on his jihad jammies and settling in to watch Celebrity Apprentice, which ironically enough would be pre-empted later that evening in the U.S. by his own death.  Check and mate, sir. 

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The Anonymous Gambler: Kentucky Derby


A guest blog by an anonymous Pennsylvania sportswriting and beer-drinking legend.  We'll just call him "The Ranger."

Welcome to the newest addition on the Triadvocate site. The good people who produce this blog (they're not really good people, I'm just saying that so they'll let me write about BETTING instead of writing about POLITICS) have decided to turn me loose for the spring and summer and let me write about what really matters to the majority of the population: sports. Or, more to the point -- betting on sports.

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