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Friday Happy Hour: Story of a Hurricane Edition


Before we jump in, we pause to give a shout-out to the wee ones up in Williamsport, our own Clinton County Conquerors, the Keystone Little League World Series team!  Backed by huge crowds (they played this week in front of a crowd the size of three Kansas City Royals’ home games combined), they had a great run.  Congrats to them, and if you didn’t watch them play, you missed some really exciting baseball by some kids who can bring it!

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Conservative Tom Emmer on National Popular Vote


We are proud to bring you this Triad Strategies Network exclusive interview with Tom Emmer, national traveling spokesperson for the National Popular Vote campaign.  Before you check out the video, we’d like to first introduce you to Emmer, who is one of the top conservative voices for the NPV. 

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Friday Happy Hour


Iowa continues to be the center of the political universe, as Texas Governor Rick Perry this week stomped all over every candidate who has lived in that state for the past year by announcing his candidacy for President.  Perry would be a true anomaly if he ascended to the White House, being a conservative Texas governor and all.  Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann were less than amused.   

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Triad Interns: 8 Burning Questions


It is that time of year again at Triad Strategies, when our all-star interns depart for college, other internships, real jobs or in some cases, just to get the heck out of our office for ten minutes.  It is important to note that CBS This Sunday did an expose just yesterday about how just about nobody even pays interns anymore, and how difficult it is for middle and working class young adults to land them.  We are happy to report that we do, in fact, pay our interns enough to live and buy one Starbucks a week.   

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Friday Happy Hour: Super Congress Edition


President Obama took to the microphone this week to assure all Americans that our country will “always be triple A” despite Standard and Poor’s recent credit downgrade.  It is always nice to hear how special we are.  The stock market was apparently too busy hurtling into the abyss to take much notice, however.  

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Why Local Governments Need Social Media

Dave_Dumeyer-final web 

A Guest Post by Triad Senior Consultant Dave Dumeyer, West Hempfield Township Supervisor

It's 5:00 AM on a Monday morning in January.  Crunch time. You have a business meeting in Houston at 1:00 PM.  Your airline tickets have been ordered, your bags packed.  All that is left is to get to BWI for your flight.  There's just one little hitch:  Overnight the region got hit with 12 inches of “partly cloudy and a chance of flurries.”  You are snowed in and don't know when the township plows will be through your development, let alone whether major highways are open.  Or do you?

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Friday Happy Hour: Shark Week Edition


He spent the week as he normally does, even though it was his birthday – doing deals, brokering compromises, solving complex problems and laying out his vision. Yup, you guessed it! Happy birthday to Triad President Roy Wells! Oh yeah, and it also was President Obama’s birthday this week, although the Senate failed to muster the 60 votes necessary to send him a card.

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