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P3s: Key to our Transportation Infrastructure Future

Geist 2010 House portrait[2]

A guest post by House Transportation Committee Chairman Rick Geist, re-printed with permission from

           As Pennsylvania struggles to maintain, rebuild and expand a deficient transportation infrastructure that is deteriorating by the day, a harsh reality has set in: the needs far surpass the public sector’s ability to fund them.

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Keystone Coalition Turns Spotlight on Transportation Funding


The Keystone Coalition returned to the halls of the State Capitol this week to once again urge the General Assembly and Governor Tom Corbett to renew their commitment to finding a comprehensive solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure funding shortfall. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Of Pipelines and P3s


President Obama will give his State of the Union address next Tuesday, and we learned this week that our two U.S. Senators, Bob Casey and Pat Toomey, will sit together during the speech as a show of bipartisan civility.  Nicely done, fellas.  Whatever it is that inspired you to do this, perhaps you can share it with the rest of your colleagues. 

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State Budget Predictions and More


Back in the days of Governor Ed Rendell’s tenure, you could expect strategic -- sometimes daily -- leaks about what would be contained in his budget address in the weeks leading up to the address itself.  On the eve of his second budget address, Governor Tom Corbett is again demonstrating that he doesn’t use the Rendell playbook.  Details are scarce, replaced with whispers, speculation and outright guesses.

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Friday Happy Hour: Flying Pig Edition


For those who have been longing for the unvarnished opinions and musings of former U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, fear not!  He now has his own TV show (of course, you have to live in Maryland to see it), but he did offer up some advice to President Obama this week.  His message to the POTUS?  Step aside and let Hillary Clinton run.  Yeah, that will happen about the time a large pig flies by our fifth floor windows. 

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