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Triad Client Spotlight: Inglis Foundation


Our semi-weekly Triad Client Spotlight returns today with a truly remarkable Philadelphia-based team of folks doing extraordinary things to make life easier for those who are sometimes left in the shadows of society.  We’d love for you to take a little time to meet our friend and client, the Inglis Foundation.

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Ryan Braun: Victim or Villain?


A guest post by Rick Kelly, Director of Crisis Communications, Triad Strategies

To many who have listened to the sports pundits hammering major league baseball player Ryan Braun for winning an appeal of his 50-game suspension “on a technicality” after failing a drug test late last season, the Milwaukee Brewer star’s reputation is hopelessly soiled. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Primary Colors Edition


President Barack Obama this week announced a plan to lower the nation’s corporate top tax rate from 35% to 28%, while closing loopholes and ending subsidies to pay for it.  Apparently, the President got the idea from Pennsylvania House Policy Chairman Dave Reed and his Democratic college, Eugene DePasquale, who proposed something similar a few weeks back.  Ergo, the President is a policy thief, as we’ve seen previously with his Massachusetts-style health care plan.  Really, Mr. President, do some original work down there. 

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PA: The Four-Party State


Watching E.J. Dionne and Peggy Noonan on Meet the Press last week arguing over whether or not President Obama is a moderate or a socialist got us to thinking about some recent events under our own Big Dome here in Harrisburg.  As Dionne and Noonan pointed out, the political center is the place every President races to when the clock turns to re-election time, a phenomenon that we find is not all that different back here in Pennsylvania.

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Friday Happy Hour: Bipartisanship Edition


Congressional Republicans and Democrats came together this week on a handshake deal to extend the payroll tax cut, as well as extend unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.  They did it without last-minute brinksmanship and looming deadlines, and they did it without rancor or partisan sniping.  Total, complete bipartisanship.  On a related note, Triad’s Ron Boston rode to work on a purple unicorn this morning. 

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Friday Happy Hour: All About the Benjamins


We’re sure something happened in Washington, D.C. this week.  We just don’t have any idea what that “something” may have been, since we’ve been locked in our offices, slaving over budget documents, analysis, videos, press releases and all other form of fiscal torture since Monday night.  In fact, we considered just giving you this link to our Super Duper One Stop Shop Budget Page calling it a Friday.  You know, maybe go grab a cold sarsaparilla and start the weekend a little early.

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A Student's View of the College Tuition Crisis


Last week, we were watching President Barack Obama on the nightly news touting his new efforts aimed at bringing down -- or at least controlling -- the high cost of college tuition across the nation.  Of course, we were enthralled with all the college professors, presidents, provosts and deans who were interviewed. 

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State Budget: Winners and Losers


As is our tradition here on the Triadvocate, we’re back (now that the dust has settled a bit) to take a look at the newly-proposed state budget and to check under the hood a bit.  If you are faithful followers of our Twitter feed and Facebook page, you know that we were sharing budget spreadsheets and information pretty much nonstop Tuesday, from early morning (to the chagrin of some – sorry) to well into the night.

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TSN's Newest Contributor: Rhymes With Music


If you have been paying attention to this space for the past few days, you’ve seen us post a great deal of video content that we produce in-house here at Triad Strategies.  We’ve been providing this type of video content to our clients for years, and with the advent of the Triadvocate, we decided to begin sharing much of it with the public at large.

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Crisis Management and Komen: A Case Study


A Guest Blog by Rick Kelly, Director of Crisis Communications at Triad Strategies

Crisis management 101: assess the reaction to what you do

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, one of the most prominent and successful disease advocacy organizations in the world, on Friday reversed its decision to terminate its relationship with Planned Parenthood after three days of Internet-fueled furor. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Groundhog Edition


Pennsylvania’s favorite subterranean varmint emerged from his luxury condo on Tuesday to inform us that he indeed saw his shadow (note: it was pre-dawn and there were 50 klieg lights surrounding him, which makes it kinda impossible NOT to see one’s shadow), giving us six more weeks of winter.  Which, by our estimation, means that our Pennsylvania winter will have been officially seven weeks long when all is said and done.

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