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Friday Happy Hour: Delicious Pie Edition


The eyes of the nation were fixed on the U.S. Supreme Court this week, as The Nine began hearing oral arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare (that’s what the President calls it, so we’re all cool here), spurring thousands of people to get all into “demonstrate” mode on the courthouse steps.  This is the big show, folks; the fight a lot of people have been spoiling for since the law passed. The only thing missing was Michael Buffer announcing the combatants. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Death Star Edition


Jobless claims in the U.S. hit a four-year low this week, with many signs pointing to sustained economic growth throughout the summer.  If you happen to be running in the Republican Presidential Primary, this is not necessarily the greatest news, politically speaking, you could have gotten. But take solace, GOP field.  Eventually a gallon of gas is going to cost more than the car into which you are putting it.  

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Human Services Cuts and Social Media


Although to 2012-2013 state budget debate has focused largely on cuts to higher education (and the semantics battle over whether or not basic education is being cut or increased), probably the most significant and bitter debate will end up being about the proposed deep cuts and widespread programmatic changes at the Department of Public Welfare.

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Strategies to Increase Your Audience and SEO


A Guest Post by Triad President and Managing Director, Roy Wells.  You can read more of his musings at

In my last post, I offered some insights into how Triad Strategies has used news aggregation as a way to expand our social network. As a tactic in a comprehensive social media strategy it has certainly been successful in growing our following on Twitter (we are now at 1,720 followers – an increase of 23 in the last week). On the other hand, it has not been an integral strategy in driving traffic to our website.

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Ray Haynes, Former ALEC Chair, on Support Popular Vote


On Monday of this week, the House Republican Policy Committee held a hearing to discuss the National Popular Vote Initiative, a proposed nationwide compact between states that would ensure that the winner of the popular vote for President of the United States would actually win the Presidency. 

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Rep. Rick Geist: The Highlight Reel

Highlight reel 

One of the things that is crucial to your social media outreach plan is the use of metrics to track how many users are reading, sharing or watching your content.  Here at Triad Strategies, we are great believers in monitoring our metrics, and some of us do it several times a day on different channels (hint: his name rhymes with Roy Wells).  

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Triad Interview: State Rep. Stephen Bloom


The Triad Strategies Network on Vimeo is just one of the social media platforms we use every day here at Triad Strategies .  In addition, you may have seen some of our content on our YouTube channel, saw a Facebook or Twitter post, or shared some of our content on the Triadvocate or our LinkedIn site.  In short, our Strategic Communications department practices what it preaches.

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Full Interview With House Transportation Chair Rick Geist

Geist 2010 House portrait[2]

Last week, we gave you a quick preview of an exclusive video interview about public/private partnerships that our own Tony May did with House Transportation Chairman Rick Geist of Altoona.  We also promised to come back this week with the full interview about transportation funding in general, and we’ve kept our word!

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House Transportation Chair Rick Geist on P3s

Geist 2010 House portrait[2]

Early next week, the Triad Strategies Network will bring you a full length interview with House Transportation Chairman Rick Geist.  When we recorded the interview this week, however, we found Chairman Geist’s thoughts on public/private partnerships to be particularly illuminating, so we decided to pull out that segment and present it to you today. 

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The Ryan Braun Saga: Part Two


A guest post by Rick Kelly, Director of Crisis Communications at Triad Strategies

We who practice crisis communications for a living are intimately and sometimes painfully familiar with the tug and pull that occurs between communications counsel and legal counsel.  In many crises, both disciplines play an essential role, but what prevails in the court of public opinion does not always work in a court of law, and vice versa. 

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