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Ray Haynes, Former ALEC Chair, on Support Popular Vote


On Monday of this week, the House Republican Policy Committee held a hearing to discuss the National Popular Vote Initiative, a proposed nationwide compact between states that would ensure that the winner of the popular vote for President of the United States would actually win the Presidency. 

Now, many of you probably already assume that is currently the case.  But with the current “winner-take-all” system under the Electoral College, that is not always the case.  In fact, four times in our nation’s history, the candidate who won the popular vote was not elected President, most recently happening in 2000. 

And lest we forget 2004, when despite a 3,500,000 million vote lead nationwide, President Bush would have lost the election to John Kerry with a shift of a mere 60,000 votes in Florida.

The Policy Committee hearing was a fantastic back-and-forth airing of the issue, and was remarkable in that, despite what many people believe, conservatives of all stripes are beginning to see the wisdom of moving to the National Popular Vote system.  Their rationale is a simple as it is elegant.  When only a few battleground states matter in national elections, candidates tend to “tack towards the center” in an attempt to win key states.  As a result, otherwise conservative candidates campaign, and then ultimately govern, as moderates. 

Ray Haynes made these points crystal clear in both his testimony, and in this exclusive Triad Strategies Network interview that we conducted after the hearing.  Haynes, for the uninformed, does not come without quite a bit of conservative street cred.  He is a former State Senator from California, and is also the former National Chairman of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Take a moment to watch our interview with Ray Haynes.  We think it is, for conservative Pennsylvanians, the strongest case yet for why the time has come for National Popular Vote.  To learn more, check out this great blog from the fine folks at Support Popular Vote, or check out the National Popular Vote Facebook Page



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