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House Labor and Industry: Keystone Works I Program Act

The First Three Minutes with Triad Strategies – Representative Gene DiGirolamo

Gene DiGirolamo
Representative Gene DiGirolamo stopped by Triad’s office a little over a week ago (sorry for the delay but we’ve been a little busy), and sat down with Roy to talk about all the activity taking place in the House Human Services Committee.

For those of you who have not been paying attention, or are still trying to figure out what a roundabout is, Rep. DiGirolamo’s committee has been holding a lot of hearings on issues affecting millions of Pennsylvanian’s.  Everything from the impact of Act 22 of 2011, SNAP, FMS, and potential impact of proposed cuts to county human services, has put this committee in the eye of the storm.

In this segment of Triad on the Threes, we will provide you with a few tidbits of information that will give you a taste of what is to come on the Triadvocate over the next week (you will have to subscribe or tune in) so you will not miss a morsel of this content.

So enjoy this TSN exclusive, and hear from this 9 term veteran lawmaker representing Bucks counties 18th legislative district, whose district has changed dramatically over that time; who is a firm believer in the need to solve the Commonwealth’s problems through compromise when necessary; and his views on the proposed 20% cut to county human services programs (the state Senate has proposed reducing that cut to 10%), as well as the block grant which has been proposed to deliver the funds.


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