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Friday, July 20, 2012


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vince phillips

I liked this article because it tries to put a brake on the media-fed mob mentality that is exploding now. The mob also includes NCAA who must have had real perennial animosity against Paterno to do a 1984 Newspeak to say that those victories were never achieved. The mob also included the administration of Penn State who did not protest re the now imaginary former win-loss ratio. Coincidence re this acquiesence with Paterno's statue being removed one day and NCAA weighing in the next? The mob maybe is not the best analogy. Maybe it's the Politburo where the names and histories of the once great now out of favor somehow disappear. They never existed so we can move on is the message here. I don't believe in re-writing history to favor political expediency by either Penn State or NCAA and frankly, the credibility of both has been shattered.

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