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Philadelphia City Council's Marian Tasco on Philadelphia Neighborhoods


Philadelphia City Council District 9’s Marian B. Tasco is leading the effort to revitalize Philadelphia neighborhoods since she took office in 1988.  Watch her describe the challenges she faces and the successes she sees in this exclusive Triad Strategies Video interview. 

Marian Tasco knows how exciting the burst of economic activity and small business development have been in her Philadelphia City Council 9th district neighborhoods.  The problem, she says, is that when people think “Philadelphia”, they tend to think of Center City, never giving thought to the wonderfully diverse economic engines that are the Philadelphia neighborhoods.

So Tasco teamed up recently with the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce to do a bus tour of her district, which encompasses 158,000 residents, to give folks a glimpse of the challenges she faces, and the amazing progress that has been made luring new business and rehabbing existing businesses. Triad Strategies was on hand for the day-long bus tour, and we got to not only hear first-hand about  the roles that state government and Philadelphia City Council have played, but we also got to see the concrete evidence, which we will share with you in our series of exclusive videos.

From the new sidewalks and signage that helped transform Wadsworth Avenue to the supermarket-turned-school on West Oak Lane, to the language and culture barriers on the 5th Street business corridor, to the housing rehabilitation done by the Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corporation, Philadelphia neighborhoods are truly the hidden gems of the city.

So take a minute and watch this exclusive Triad Strategies Video Interview with Philadelphia City Council member Marian Tasco, and find out how economic development efforts and small business development in the Philadelphia neighborhoods are happening right under our noses, every day, with the help of state and local officials, and the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.  For more of our Triad Strategies Videos, please visit us here.




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