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PA Jobs, Energy Prices at Risk With Latest Attack on PA Coal


A Guest Post by John Pippy, CEO of the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance

Next week, the U.S. House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations will hold hearings on the EPA’s proposed standards on carbon emissions. The hearings present an opportunity to describe the exceptionally negative impact the proposed standards would have on employment, the economy, electricity prices and the reliability of our electric grid.

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Friday Happy Hour: The Race is On Edition


Three cheers for doing your job, Congress!  Federal lawmakers rushed to the cameras on Wednesday night to congratulate themselves for having enough firing synapses to keep the economy from turning into an absolute dumpster fire until at least January!  Holla!  If you are gonna mug for the TV folks at that point, maybe you ought to start by apologizing to the American people for acting like noodleheads.

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Friday Happy Hour: Shut It Down Edition

Shut Down Sign

With the government once again about to smash its noggin off the debt ceiling, House Speaker John Boehner intimated Thursday that he was willing to ask his colleagues in the Lower Chamber to support a short term extension.  The Dow reacted by skyrocketing 169 points in about 38 seconds.  This should be a pretty clear indication of how the markets will react to a default.  Substitute “plummet” for “skyrocket”, rinse and repeat over and over until your hair falls out. If anything, it is perhaps also an indication that Boehner may be growing weary of being the Mayor of Crazytown. Editor’s Note:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, by comparison, is Mayor of Looneyville.   

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Lawmakers Come Together in Support of Immunization Bill


Yesterday, Rep. Seth Grove (R-196) was joined by Rep. Ryan Aument (R-41), Rep. Mike Regan (R-92), Rep. Mark Gillen (R-128), Rick Saccone (R-39), Rep. Steve Barrar (R-160), James Barbush and Mark Millan of the PA Veterans Chamber of Commerce, and state Senator Mike Stack (D-5) at a press conference in support of House Bill 776, which would allow pharmacists to immunize children between the ages of 7-18.

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