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Friday Happy Hour: Victory Lap


Welcome to your pre-Thanksgiving, truncated, mid-week weekly update brought to you by the fine folks at WKRP in Cincinnati.  We usually start the festivities with some news out of Washington D.C., but let’s face facts, some days you would just rather hear Les Nessman scream that turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement.  As God is our witness, we thought turkeys could fly. 

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Transportation Funding: Out of the Mud, Once Again


The following was posted by our friends at the Pennsylvania Highway Information Association.

It will probably take several years to fully comprehend and appreciate it, but the events in Harrisburg regarding transportation this week will transform Pennsylvania and its residents, much like Gifford Pinchot’s road-building program transformed the Commonwealth in the 1930s by “getting the farmers out of the mud,” and like the Interstate Highway program transformed our nation in the 1960s.

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Friday Happy Hour: Problem Solved Edition


Americans observed some important dates in our nation’s history this week. First, a mere hop, skip and a jump down the road from Triad World Headquarters, folks gathered at Gettysburg to recall President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, while some of our more cynical members of the media spent the day blowtorching President Obama for not attending the ceremony, a uniquely American tradition if there ever was one. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Workin' on the Highway Edition


Welcome back, friends, to your weekly wrap of Pennsylvania politics and government!  We start out with a rundown of some of the key economic indicators…nah, we don’t do that.  Instead, here is a report that says the economy might really finally rebound strongly in 2014. Or it might not, if Congress does something dumb to strangle the economy again (see: sequester, shutdown, default, etc.)  Which seems like a nice tie-in to our next topic…

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Friday Happy Hour: Satellite Edition


Satellite of love?  Not so much.  A European satellite is going to be crashing to earth any minute now, so we suggest you take a peek at the sky every now and again, since the world’s greatest scientists have no idea where it might land.  We wouldn’t want you to inadvertently find yourself re-enacting a scene from the movie Donnie Darko.

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Unintended Victims of Lagging Job Market – Persons with Disabilities

PMHCA Stigma Project Banner Final

A Guest Post by Lynn Keltz, executive director of the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers Association and project director of the Stigma Project, a multi-year effort funded by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council to change negative societal attitudes toward people with disabilities.

Among the unintended victims of our current lagging job market – the longest stretch of abnormally high unemployment since the Great Depression – are persons with disabilities.

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Friday Happy Hour: Reptile Edition


NSA update from Triad Strategies: We were going to open today’s festivities with a jab at President Barack Obama, who apparently has no idea what the NSA is doing or to whom they are doing it.  Comforting thought. But as we were composing the paragraph, we noticed a black van sitting outside Triad headquarters, and now our cell phone keeps clicking on and off for no reason.  So yeah, we are cool, NSA.  Right? 

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