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Friday Happy Hour: Triad Yogurt Edition

  Triad Yogurt

Before we commence our journey today, let’s all take a moment and celebrate the 100th birthday of the Philadelphia confectionary phenomenon known as Tastykake! You haven’t aged a bit, Ms. Kake! Now we shall see if they send us some free goodies since we so shamelessly plugged them in our opening paragraph.  Ahem.  Hint. 

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Friday Happy Hour: NASCAR Birthday Edition


The Congressional Budget Office was once again in the news this week as it released its report on the potential impact of an increase in the federal minimum wage. According to the party animals in the CBO, an increase would boost the pay of some 16.5 million Americans, but cost the economy roughly half a million jobs. The report made both the Democrats and the GOP in Congress point across the aisle at each other and say, “See? Told you so!”  

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Friday Happy Hour: Pink Mustache Edition


Welcome to our latest look at the comings and goings of your seat of state government! On an unrelated note: do you know the quickest way to receive a threat of bodily harm on Twitter?  Make a joke about “global warming” during a blizzard.  Calm down, we understand it is “climate change”!  Relax, have some decaf. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Black Clouds, Silver Linings


The U.S. Congress, fresh off passing a two-year spending plan, has now completed and passed a five-year Farm Bill, making some of us wonder what exactly has gotten into those people down there? Where is the gridlock, the shutdown threats, the brinksmanship?  Not everything was rosy, however, as the new bill will cost an estimated 170,000 Pennsylvanians about $65 a month of SNAP (son of food stamps) benefits.  Why can’t things ever be easy…


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