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Variable Rate Pricing Needs Better Transparency


A Guest Blog by Matt Weaber, CEO of Weaber Lumber, one of Lebanon County’s largest industrial employers and a leading producer of unfinished hardwood flooring and all-wood moldings in the nation.

Like families working on household finances, my business plans its budgets based on the anticipated needs of the company and the associated costs. Maintaining an accurate budget allows us to do long-term strategic planning for the company and we have been doing this for over 70 years. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Glacier Edition


We start off this week’s revelry with a story about a glacier six times the size of Manhattan that has broken off from Antarctica and is floating around the ocean.  This has zero to do with politics or government, but we just thought you’d enjoy seeing what has been described as a “giant sheet cake” floating around the sea.  No?  Not a fan of sheet cake? OK, off we go!


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Is An Extraction Tax Coming?


As April moves forward and we continue to get depressing news from the Department of Revenue about tax collections (the state is now $175 million behind projections for the year), there is some renewed discussion at the very highest levels of the General Assembly about an extraction tax being levied on natural gas drillers in Pennsylvania.

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Friday Happy Hour: Beer Week Edition


Before we dive into the shallow end of the political pool, we would like to offer our heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the victims of the mass stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in western Pennsylvania.  We would also like to thank the many heroes on site who undoubtedly helped save lives.  Good sometimes does conquer evil.

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Tony May On The Killer Message


A Guest Post and Video from Tony May, Senior VP at Triad Strategies, LLC.

At any given moment, there could be literally thousands of messages trying to pierce your consciousness, all competing for your attention.  Your TV is on while you scroll through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  Maybe you occasionally mute the TV and check out what’s on Pandora while you listen to your voice mails, check your e-mails and read the text your child just sent you.

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General Motors' Home-Brewed Problem


A guest post by Tony May, Senior Vice President and Partner at Triad Strategies. We have also included a short video of Tony discussing issue management and the General Motors crisis, and you can see Tony each Sunday on CBS 21's "Face the State".

The folks who run General Motors should take a page from the growing hobby of home brewing. One thing every home-made beer aficionado learns early on is the important of zero tolerance for bacteria.  Even a small glop of stray germs can spoil a 10-gallon batch of ale in just a couple of days  Just like bacteria, the problems caused by seemingly small production glitches in an ignition switch design can fester and multiply into gargantuan problems.

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Facebook and Ted's Excellent Adventure


A guest post by Rick Kelly, Vice President of Strategic Communications at Triad Strategies

It’s called “confirmation bias,” and Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, Republican/teabagger extraordinaire, is positioned to become its unintended poster boy this week after he asked his Facebook “friends” what they thought of ObamaCare, aka the Affordable Care Act. 

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Meet Team Triad: David Kralle


He never stops moving.  He juggles clients, issues and tasks like few others.  He worked in the halls of state government, ran for office, and seamlessly transitioned to Triad Strategies, where he splits his time between the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia City Council and the State Capitol, iPad in hand and a ready smile on his face.

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