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Friday Happy Hour: Rubik's Cube Edition


Welcome to the Memorial Day holiday version of your weekly wrap!  Happy 40th birthday to the Rubik’s Cube, the dastardly toy that has made millions of Americans feel intellectually inadequate for four decades.  Probably more importantly, it is also the 40th anniversary of the release of the timeless Steely Dan album, “Pretzel Logic”, perhaps the most aptly named soundtrack for Pennsylvania politics ever.

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Friday Happy Hour: Cats and Dogs Edition


Remember a few weeks back when we commented about a huge glacier that snapped off and was floating around the ocean near Antarctica? Well, it’s not really all that funny anymore, as we learned this week that the resulting glacial melt is at the point of no return, which could cause a serious rise in sea level by the end of the century.  Picture Washington, D.C.  Now picture it under water. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Minimum Wage Edition

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This week, well-respected liberal and darling of the progressive movement Rick Santorum came out in support of a higher federal minimum wage.  Moments after his declaration, a half million jobs were lost and the earth plunged into the sun. If Rick can be there, what is the holdup?  Do you know what $7.25 buys you these days?  It doesn’t even buy you $6.25.  

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Reps. Versus Food


One year ago this week, State Rep. Jeff Pyle (a kidney cancer survivor) assembled his colleagues at the Firehouse Restaurant in downtown Harrisburg to “take a bite out of cancer.”  The Reps. versus Food event, ultimately won by Lancaster County’s own Rep. Bryan Cutler, was a gastronomic Battle Royale, pitting stomach against two pounds of prime rib, a one pound baked potato (picture a football, covered in butter and sour cream), and one, lonely spear of asparagus.

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