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PA Coal Alliance CEO John Pippy testifies at EPA hearing in Pittsburgh

SenJohnPippy1_PCAThank you for the opportunity to provide testimony regarding the proposed emission standards for existing coal-fired power plants.  I am John Pippy, CEO of the Pennsylvania Coal Alliance, representing underground and surface bituminous coal operators in Pennsylvania, and the businesses that service and supply the industry.

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Friday Happy Hour: Darth Vader Edition


Last week, the nation paused to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the lunar landing, the giant leap for mankind that showed us that it was indeed possible to go hang out on a desolate rock orbiting the earth.  To mark this anniversary, we proudly share this video of astronaut Buzz Aldrin punching a moon landing conspiracy theorist right in the chops.  


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Rick Kelly On The Somaly Mam Foundation Crisis


Here at Triad Strategies, we take pride in the strength of our Crisis Communications Practice, headed by Rick Kelly.  Recently, Rick had the chance to weigh in with his expert advice on an international crisis facing a foundation dedicated to stopping human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Cambodia. 

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Friday Happy Hour: POT-US Edition

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It was inevitable.  Really, it had to happen.  President Obama was eventually going to be in a state where marijuana is legal, and somebody was gonna ask the Commander-in-Chief if he wanted to rock a little herb. And so it happened in Colorado this week, and the President politely declined the offer.  Given his poll numbers as of late, maybe he should have just gone ahead and indulged.   

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Why We Lobby For Lyft


A Guest Post by Roy Wells, President and Managing Partner of Triad Strategies

An industry that is built upon a regulatory environment that limits supply and consequently cannot meet demand, for the sole purpose of creating economic barriers to entry, while at the same time not meeting the needs of the public, is an industry that is setting itself up for economic disruption.

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Why "Third & State" Is Wrong On Ride-Sharing

LyftOn July 8, the Third and State blog posted a piece on why ride-sharing companies, like Lyft and Uber, will hurt the taxi industry in Pennsylvania. The author's view differs greatly from that of Senator Wayne Fontana and Representative Erin Molchany, two progressive Democrats who have sponsored legislation and resolutions supporting ride-sharing as a safe and convenient mode of transportation. It also runs counter to the opinion of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, widely regarded as one of the most progressive mayors in the country.

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Law Judges Grant Cease and Desist Against Lyft, Uber

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On July 1, two Administrative Law Judges issued a cease-and-desist order to Lyft and Uber – ridesharing companies currently operating in Pittsburgh – until they comply with Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission regulations.  The investigatory arm of the PUC asked for this action recently, and the judges granted that request, citing public safety as one of the primary reasons for the cease-and-desist order.

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