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Friday Happy Hour: Back To School Edition

Kids Loading BusLast week in this very space, we talked about inversion, a practice by which American corporations relocate to other countries to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  Well hello there, Burger King, we didn’t see you standing there wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey! The world’s second-largest fast food chain is now Canadian, which we assume means they will be replacing the bacon on their burgers with Canadian bacon, which we all know is simply ham.  You aren’t fooling anyone, Canada. 

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A sharing economy for municipalities

R4d042782_8Rtractor_762x458You’ve heard a lot about Lyft and Uber, mobile applications that allow users to share rides in a more efficient way than traditional car services, but you may not have heard of MuniRent. MuniRent is a start-up company that helps cash-strapped municipalities procure equipment and services from public and private entities.

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Friday Happy Hour: Giant Grouper Edition


We paused this week to say goodbye to former Pittsburgh Mayor Sophie Masloff, who passed away at the age of 96. Ms. Masloff assumed her place in history as the Steel City’s first female mayor in 1988 when beloved Mayor Richard Caligiuri died.  As many noted upon her passing this week, she was indeed “Pittsburgh’s grandmother.”  All of us at Triad Strategies send our condolences to her family and friends.

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The Lost Art of Getting Things Done


The following guest post was first published in The Sentinel at and can be found here.  It is being re-posted here with permission from the author, State Representative Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland). 

Is our political system mired in hopeless gridlock? Or is it still possible to advance good ideas? Are leaders with strong convictions merely disruptive obstacles? Or can courage to stand on core principles still inspire powerful consensus?

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Friday Happy Hour: Tiny Dragon Edition


The City of Philadelphia was the center of the political universe this week, as a gaggle of elected officials spent a few days hauling folks from the Democratic National Committee around town, hoping for Philly to be chosen as the site of the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Despite the fact that national conventions are tightly-scripted, less-than-suspenseful and largely vapid affairs, they do generate a lot of revenue.  We hope there isn’t anything going on at the convention center (like, oh, perhaps some labor strife) that would put a potential damper on those plans.  

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PA Minimum Wage Increase: Why It Will Happen


A guest post by Michael Manzo, VP of Strategic Engagement, Triad Strategies, LLC

Some years ago, long before President Obama was elected (and Obamacare was still a state-level experiment up in Massachusetts) I found myself at dinner with the CEO of a massive non-profit health insurance/health care provider.  During a discussion of the health insurance market as it existed back in the late 90s, he made a very interesting observation. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Statistical Anomaly Edition

StatisticsIt seems like one could not turn on a television or look at the Internet this week without being inundated with the word “Ebola.”  Although the odds of contracting the virus are infinitesimal, lots of folks were very uneasy with the fact that an Ebola-infected person was allowed to re-enter the country for treatment.  We could not help but get the feeling we were living the plot line to a cheap horror film. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Rush Edition


Because we at the Triadvocate often delight in reading strange things, we thought we would share with you a map we found this week showing where today’s countries would be if the super-continent of Pangea never split up (which was Yoko Ono’s fault, as we recall.)  Boston looks to be about an hour boat ride to Casablanca, and Atlanta would be neighbors with Dakar. 

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