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Friday Happy Hour: Streets of Philadelphia Edition

The City of Brotherly Love got a big boost in its bid to host Hillary Clinton’s 2016 block party (otherwise known as the Democratic National Convention) this week when former Governor Ed Rendell opened up a can of Cheez Whiz all over New York City.  Rendell took to the airwaves to remind the selection committee that the Big Apple is a hot, festering cesspool of bedbugs, detritus and – as we all know – the occasional Sharknado.  This basically seals the deal for Philly, we have no doubt. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Birds Do It Edition

CondorsJust like the swallows return to Capistrano, the General Assembly arrived back in Harrisburg this week after its summer recess, and right away lawmakers turned their attention to the important matter of arming school teachers. The Senate Education Committee heard testimony regarding a bill that would give school districts the option to allow employees to possess firearms as long as the employees are licensed to carry a concealed weapon and meet certain training requirements. They also would be provided anonymity so no one else would know they’re packing. Sure, that’ll work. Uh, hey Mr. McGillicuddy, is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

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A guest post by Rick Kelly: Piling on

Ray riceThe following is a guest post by Rick Kelly, director of the crisis communications practice at Triad Strategies, LLC.

Among the tenets of crisis management and crisis communication is that an organization in crisis must divulge every relevant facet of the problem as soon as practicable.  Here in the Digital Age, anything that lies hidden is merely a land mine awaiting eventual and inevitable detonation.

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Friday Happy Hour: Bat Cave Edition


We paused yesterday to remember the horrific terrorist attacks on our country that took place 13 years ago.  Many, many stories were posted online yesterday commemorating the attack, but we thought our readers might be interested in this piece by PennLive’s John Luciew, who gives us a look back and an update on the how much has changed in tiny Shanksville since that dark day.   While you are at it, maybe you would like to jump online and contribute to the Flight 93 memorial, so that none of us ever forget. 

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