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Friday Happy Hour: Pipeline Edition

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Earlier this week, God nominated Buffalo, NY for the Ice Bucket Challenge.  It was a really big bucket.   

President Obama went on national television last night and announced his plan to use executive authority to defer the deportation of up to 4 million illegal immigrants, thereby starting a firestorm of…wait.  What?  It wasn’t on national television?  The Big Bang Theory was more important?  OK, we will just be over here in the corner silently weeping.

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Friday Happy Hour: Exhausted Edition

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Twenty-four years ago this week, some guy named Tim Berners-Lee devised a theory that ultimately became the modern Internet, which we believe is a series of tubes located somewhere in rural North Carolina. Al Gore promptly stole the idea, took credit for Berners-Lee’s work, and just this week, Kim Kardashian broke the whole damned thing.  

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Public Charities Debate To Return in 2015

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Tug of war over charities’ tax status deserves taxpayers’ attention

A Guest Post by state Rep. Mike Hanna, House Democratic Whip

Perhaps you’ve seen the legal advertising in newspapers for proposed amendments to Pennsylvania’s constitution. Among them is a proposal to change how public charities’ tax-exempt status is determined. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Results Edition

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Some political campaigns can be likened to a big, nasty food fight. Sometimes, the day after an election, an actual fight breaks out inside a place that serves food.  It was this tortured comparison that prompted us to open this week’s festivities with a story (and video) of a fight inside a Philadelphia McDonald’s that featured flying chairs and a woman breaking a broomstick over some poor guy’s noggin’.

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