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January 2015

Friday Happy Hour: Another Round Edition


It appears as though the Koch Brothers have put a price tag on the 2016 elections, and the final answer is $889 million.  That is the sum the Kochs say they are prepared to spend to advance their political ideology by purchasing ads and all other manner of political communication.  By comparison, the Gross Domestic Product of the British Virgin Islands is around $909 million.  So for a mere $20 million more, the Kochs could just forgo their electoral strategy and buy some really nice islands. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Sweetest Place on Earth Edition


The U.S. House GOP caucus decamped to the sweetest place on earth this week to sing a little Kumbaya, eat peanut butter cups and plot their legislative course for 2015.  Nothing like bucolic, rolling central Pennsylvania hills and the smell of chocolate to temporarily mask the family dysfunction! The gang at the Hershey Lodge will need to do a quick turnaround, as the Wolf Inaugural bash invades the same space next Tuesday. 

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Friday Happy Hour: 2015 Kickoff Edition


Happy New Year to all of our loyal readers; we are glad to be back with you after our holiday hiatus.  We kick off 2015 by reminding you that next week is Farm Show Week in Harrisburg, which means it will snow all week, various meats-on-sticks will be available for purchase, and somebody will sculpt something out of 1,000 pounds of butter.  Also, you cannot buy an actual farm at the Farm Show. 

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Debate on Purely Public Charities Looms


As the new legislative Session begins in Harrisburg, the General Assembly will likely take up a proposed Constitutional Amendment that would, if passed, give lawmakers the sole authority to decide what constitutes a “purely public charity.”  A similar bill (SB 4)  was passed last session, and would have to pass again in the 2015-2016 Legislative Session in the exact same form before it could be put to voters to decide its fate.

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