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The New Way Forward: Constitutional Amendments


Yesterday, two members of the PA State Senate GOP introduced a bill that would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to limit the rate of spending of state government. In and of itself, this proposal is not new, as it has been introduced in some iteration or another for more than a decade. But taking a step back, it represents the latest in a trend that has begun in Pennsylvania’s General Assembly.

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Friday Happy Hour: Grizzly Edition


The FAA this week announced it will publish rules governing the use of private drones in the United States.  An early look at the rules would suggest that using drones for private delivery of goods will be prohibited, which destroys our dream of a drone dropping off a pizza and a six-pack on our deck this summer. Stupid government regulators. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Groundhog Edition


On Monday, we were all treated to the prospect of six more weeks of winter because somehow, some way, that groundhog from Punxsutawney saw his shadow (perhaps it was the fifty klieg lights pointed at him.)  Later in the week, we learned that the town of Danville is now at an increased risk of flooding due to the burrowing of groundhogs in and around their earthen dam.  In short, this week we learned that groundhogs are jerks.

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