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Friday Happy Hour: Bacon Cheeseburger Edition

Bacon cheeseburgerOn Monday, we enter that period of the state budget process popularly known as “crunch time.” What this means is that reporters are permitted to dust off the aforementioned cliché in order to add an element of drama to their chronicles of the long, slow dance that – trust us – will eventually produce a state budget. As has been the case for months, there’s little indication that we’ll see a budget by June 30, sometimes described as a “constitutionally mandated deadline.” As we’ve seen in recent years, it’s more of an often-ignored gentle suggestion. Most of those involved in the process are eager to see what the fiscal year-end revenue picture is in order to determine the actual starting budget deficit. Then the real bargaining will begin, with pensions, property tax tradeoffs, extraction taxes, school funding, etc., in play.

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Friday Happy Hour: Donut Edition


Every now and again, the political world pauses for a moment and joins the rest of the planet in honoring a legend. And so it was Wednesday night when half the planet tuned in to watch the last broadcast of David Letterman.  For those who missed the final few minutes, check out the ultimate video montage of Late Night with David Letterman, backed by some little-known band we have recently come to know, the Foo Fighters. 

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Friday Happy Hour: Thrill is Gone Edition

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We begin this week by sending our heartfelt prayers and condolences to the passengers on Amtrak #188, and to the families who lost loved ones in that truly heartbreaking derailment accident in Port Richmond.  And we would be remiss if we did not point out and laud the incredible work of Philadelphia’s first responders, as well as the efforts of Mayor Michael Nutter and Governor Tom Wolf. 

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