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Friday Happy Hour: 30 Days in the Hole Edition

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This week, GOP Presidential hopeful Scott Walker became the latest in a long line of politicians who don’t know diddly squat about our state to belly up to the window of one of Philly’s famed cheesesteak purveyors and totally screw up their order.  It’s really simple, folks.  “Wiz, wit’” is your order.  Learn it; live it.  And fire your campaign staff if you don’t.

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Friday Happy Hour: Anyone, Anyone? Edition

CarnacOne did not need to possess the divine and borderline mystical powers of Carnac the Magnificent, famous sage and seer, to predict this outcome: Democrat Tom Wolf campaigns on shale extraction tax, increased education funding and property tax relief. On Tuesday, Republican lawmakers give him a budget with anything but. Wolf, now governor, vetoes the whole shebang before the ink is dry. Each side blames the other, and another budget “deadline” passes without a spending agreement.

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