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Friday Happy Hour: Back To Square One Edition

Back-to-square-oneIn case you had not heard, Pope Francis will be in Philadelphia today.  If you had not heard this news, you definitely have not been travelling on any major roadway in Pennsylvania, since the electronic road signs warning of Pope-related traffic delays begin popping up essentially at the Ohio border, all the way north to Erie.  This is not hyperbole; we saw the signs yesterday for ourselves. Listen, if Pope-traffic backs up to Presque Isle, we have big problems.   

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What were they thinkin’? Another teachable moment in crisis management

2209_VW_Winterkorn_3448815bGuest Blog: Rick Kelly, Vice President of Strategic Communications

Its iconic “Beetle” was named the world’s fourth-most influential car in the 1999 Car of the Century competition. Its models were three-time winners of the European Car of the Year and five times the Motor Trend Car of the Year. Earlier this year, Volkswagen overtook Toyota as the world’s top carmaker by sales. The company is a financial juggernaut, recognized as a major driver of Germany’s economy.

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Members of the General Assembly Stand Up For Police Officers

Mcnesby hburg presserYesterday morning, State Rep. Martina White (R-Philadelphia) stood with members of FOP Lodge 5 and FOP President John McNesby, and outlined her new piece of legislation HB 1538, which would bar police departments from releasing the names of officers involved in violent confrontations while an investigation is ongoing. (You can watch the full Harrisburg press conference at this link)

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Friday Happy Hour: Winning the Hearts & Minds Edition

Heart-and-BrainWednesday night, the current crop of G.O.P. presidential hopefuls got together for a little chat at the Reagan Library, and most of the evening featured ten people beating up Donald Trump.  Amateurs, all of them, compared to our own U.S. Congressman Bob Brady, who this week swatted The Donald down in his own inimitable Philadelphia way. Memo to Trump: don’t make up wild stories about any project spearheaded by Congressman Brady.

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Friday Happy Hour: Sky Hook Edition

Before we get into our usual tomfoolery, we would like to point out that today marks fourteen years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Today is a time to sit back and take a moment to remember those who fell on this day, and to remember those who answered the call and paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. If you’re interested in paying respects in person, the new Flight 93 National Memorial opened up yesterday just outside of Somerset, Pa.

Shanksville PA Memorial Photos -- Flight 93 Memorial 11 Years Later from Triad Strategies on Vimeo.


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Friday Happy Hour: Labor Edition

DownloadWelcome to our truncated Labor Day Weekend version of your weekly update. President Obama this week became the first sitting U.S. President to venture into the Arctic Circle by paying a visit to Alaska, where he could see the Russians from his hotel room.  Obama also managed to anger the entire state of Ohio by renaming Mount McKinley.  All in a week’s work.

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