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Friday Happy Hour: Lifeline Edition


Hillary Clinton had a big week this week as Vice-President Joe Biden announced he would not run for the Big Chair. Also, somebody named Jim Webb announced he was dropping out of the race, thereby depriving the nation of a candidate who has actually killed someone. Then some guy named Lincoln something-or-another dropped out, too.  Clear the field! 

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Friday Happy Hour: Mixed Bag Edition

Jelly beansBecause our headquarters happens to be in sunny Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we decided to open this week by pointing out that local leaders this week endorsed a transportation plan that will fund, among other things, the reconstruction of the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge that was swept away by flood waters in 1995.  Once again, denizens of Dauphin County’s East Shore will have unfettered access to the West Shore.  Contrary to rumors, green cards and/or passports will NOT be necessary for entry.

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A horribly long trek to redemption: the Volkswagen Case Study, Part 2

2209_VW_Winterkorn_3448815bBy: Rick Kelly, Triad Strategies Vice President of Strategic Communications

Two weeks after the Volkswagen emission test cheating scandal erupted, the company has taken several important steps toward redemption. Here we present our second installment in this real-time case study in crisis management.

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Friday Happy Hour: Himmicane Joaquin Edition

Hurricane_daniel_2006The eastern seaboard is once again back to normal (if by “normal” you mean bracing for a potential Category 3 hurricane) after Pope Francis’ historic visit.  Two of the most notable stories to emerge were courtesy of Congressman Bob Brady and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.  Brady availed himself of a little holy water when he Bogarted the Pope’s discarded water glass, and was subsequently charged $3.94 for said glass. 

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Ron Klink for The Hill: How can a Speaker lead the unleadable?

John-boehner-sequesterBy: Ron Klink, a former Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania and currently senior policy adviser at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP. 

It has been a long time coming in some ways. We've all heard the expression about "herding cats," but Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has been herding hummingbirds: all flying in differing directions and a few flocking together when it seems like a beneficial thing to do. Many would agree — even Democrats — that Boehner is a good man. However, when given the impossible task of leading the unleadable, what is he to do?

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