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Friday Happy Hour: Man Eater Edition

Welcome to our somewhat-truncated but still incredibly helpful weekly update for your Memorial Day weekend reading! Off we go!  Nile-croc4

Donald Trump unveiled his energy plan this week, and the fact that he did it at a petroleum conference should tell you pretty much all you need to know about his ideas.  Drill, dig, rinse, repeat. Good news, western Pennsylvania; Donald is making coal great again!

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Friday Happy Hour: Wild & Wooly Edition

Where-the-wild-things-are-3Amidst all the initial speculation about the Republican National Convention turning into a replay of Chicago circa 1968, we now find that there are increasing concerns that the real circus might be in Philadelphia, where the Democrats will convene in July for the Clinton Coronation. Check out this story for more, if only to read the sentence where the venerable Will Bunch refers to this possibility as a “bat-guano crazy affair.”

It was an interesting week in Pennsylvania for GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump (man, that was a weird thing to type), who learned that former PA Governor Tom Ridge would not be casting a vote in his favor this November.  Instead, Ridge will be actively campaigning for U.S. Senator Pat Toomey.

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NASCAR Takes Over Philadelphia

This June, Pocono Raceway will host its first XFinity Series race and to celebrate, NASCAR drivers made a stop in Philadelphia for a parade around Center City and City Hall as well as a series of educational and racing related events throughout the City.


NASCAR Rolls Into the Comcast Center from Triad Strategies on Vimeo.

Brennan Poole, Ty Dillon, Brandon Jones, Ryan Reed and Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. posed for pictures with hundreds of NASCAR fans in Philadelphia, just 95 miles south of Pocono Raceway. The city is the number two fan base in the state for NASCAR fans, second only to the Pocono area itself. The drivers spent the day in the city, speaking to students at the Franklin Institute, sampling cheesesteaks at Pat’s and Geno’s, wrapping up their day throwing out the first pitch at the Phillies home game against the Florida Mariners. The XFinity series is for up-and-coming young drivers, and made a natural partner for a take over event in Philadelphia where Comcast has its headquarters.

With Richard Childress Racing demonstrating a pit stop at City Hall, Pocono Raceway CEO Brandon Igdalsky said “We are excited to kick off our season in style downtown in Philadelphia.”

Darrell Clarke Welcomes Pocono Raceway and NASCAR to Philadelphia from Triad Strategies on Vimeo.

“This is the most exciting, friendly takeover I’ve ever seen,” joked City Council President Darrell Clarke in thanking Pocono Raceway for bringing NASCAR to the streets of Philadlephia. “And I want to thank our good friends at NASCAR; it is truly an exciting opportunity for a lot of people, and I understand that you are neck and neck behind football, as our most watched sport.”

Pocono Raceway Philadelphia Remarks at City Hall from Triad Strategies on Vimeo.

“We have a great partnership with Brandon and his family at Pocono,” A representative from Axalta said. “It’s all about the science, engineering and technology that goes into the cars. We are very proud to be sponsors of the Franklin Institute and other institutions around the country and around the world that help young people learn the skills to get involved in these types of careers and academic disciplines.”

If you want to see more pictures from the great event, check them out here.


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Friday Happy Hour: Chupacabra Edition

All manner of Pennsylvania politico spent the week discussing, Tweeting and Facebooking the latest Quinnipiac poll results showing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a flat-footed Chupacabratie here in the Keystone State.  Reliable poll or outlier? An emerging trend or bad sampling? Whichever side you land on, this much is clear: get used to the whole poll-a-week thing.  It will get way worse before this all ends.

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Friday Happy Hour: Unending Kerfuffle Edition

Rockem sockem robotsEven though Hillary Clinton hasn’t yet completely shaken off The Bern, most news outlets this week began to focus on the General Election matchup between her and The Donald.  Early polls show the former Secretary of State with a 13 point lead over Trump in the Keystone State, which means next to nothing on May 6th.  If anyone believes Trump is easy to run against and defeat, perhaps they should speak to Jeb Bush for a few minutes.  

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