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The Railroad Edition

Vice-Presidential candidate Mike Pence popped by Norristown this week to do a little campaigning and get his hair cut.  The barber performing the duties can be forgiven for not Trainknowing the name of his almost-famous customer, to be sure. When your running mate dominates every news outlet every day, it doesn’t leave whole lot of room to make a name for oneself. 

President Obama this week promised that he would take one last shot at getting the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact into law before riding off into the Chicago sunset, we learned this week.  Now seems like as good of a time as any, considering both Presidential candidates hate the TPP with a passion. This is the legislative equivalent of lighting a bag of dog doo and leaving it on the front porch of the White House for the new President to deal with.  

Donald Trump this week signaled that he just might be able to work with the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in this country instead of rounding them all up and shipping them back home.  Trump said he now favors only shipping “the bad ones” home, which is essentially Barack Obama’s immigration policy. Audacious stuff, Donald; not sure how the hard right is going to feel about that move.

We also learned this week that a 12-year-old boy is running Donald Trump’s campaign office in Colorado. We don’t know how much direct voter contact is coming out of that office, but we do know one thing: plenty of Snapchats are being sent.

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Friday Happy Hour: Hospice Phase Edition

We begin this week’s missive by temporarily suspending the customary snark, and we’ll pass up the psychoanalysis and knife-twisting in noting the resignation of Attorney General Hospice editionKathleen Kane following her conviction on perjury and other charges this week. For the moment, the baton has been passed to First Deputy Bruce Castor, former Montgomery County DA/former Republican AG candidate. Sentencing is next month, and Kane’s attorney says her conviction will be appealed.

Governor Wolf subsequently nominated Inspector General Bruce Beemer to serve the remainder of Kane’s term. Beemer, a former OAG first deputy, must be confirmed by the Senate, and he was immediately endorsed by Senate Republican leaders. There was no immediate word on when a confirmation vote will occur. A new attorney general will be sworn in in January, and Beemer said he’ll return to the inspector general slot. May the healing process begin, for the hundreds of capable and dedicated OAG staffers and all other residents of the commonwealth.

Snark back on…

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Friday Happy Hour: War Zone Edition


You say it’s your birthday?? It was a big week for natal celebrations with two of the most powerful men in politics notching another year.  One, Barack Obama, is the leader of the free world.  The other, Roy Wells, runs a little mom-and-pop outfit known as Triad Strategies. Happy birthday to Barack and Roy!  And also to Pat Smear, guitarist for the Foo Fighters.  Sorry; we had to.

With the fall campaigns in full swing, Pennsylvania continued to be in the eye of the storm even after the DNC left Philadelphia. Donald Trump opened up a can of worms when he called Harrisburg a “war zone” while on his way to Mechanicsburg (a place which is decidedly not Harrisburg.) This earned him some unwanted media attention in this swing state, culminating in a satirical GoFundMe account launched by our longtime friend and client, Michael Pavone. 

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