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Happy Hour: The Star Trek Edition

President Barack Obama has spent almost his entire eight years in the White House without ever tasting the bitter tea that is a veto override.  This week, that all came crashing down Star trekwhen Congress overwhelmingly dispatched his veto on a bill that will allow victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue foreign governments.  Perhaps lost in all the hubbub is that the law also allows foreign government to sue us in return.  If there is one thing we can all agree upon it is that this country does not have enough lawsuits.  Thank you, Congress.

Michelle Obama appeared in Pittsburgh this week to rally millennial voters to the Clinton Camp. Because the event was not broadcast on Snapchat, no millennial actually heard or saw the speech.  If a rally falls in the forest…

Mike Pence appeared in York this week to stump for the Trump ticket at a waste disposal and recycling warehouse.  We are sure the press pool was thrilled with the choice of location.  This may be the single toughest election cycle ever for journalists.

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Friday Happy Hour: The Creepy Clown Edition

As autumn descends upon the Keystone State, we find ourselves with a scant six weeks until our slice of heaven provides the electoral margin necessary to elect the next leader of the Pennywise clown ITfree world.  That’s right, Pennsylvania voters; you are pretty much in charge from here on out.  And based upon a poll released this week, the winner will be the candidate who is “least terrible.” Warms the cockles of the heart, doesn’t it?

With Pennsylvania holding most of the electoral marbles, expect to see both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump (and their surrogates) around these parts quite a bit. That sound you hear is the mass hyperventilation from Camp Clinton as her once-commanding lead continues to evaporate nationwide.   

Donald Trump spent Thursday in the Steel City whipping up support for the shale industry, which he claims will cease to exist under a Clinton Presidency.   This must be especially galling for Clinton, who was attacked relentlessly by Bernie Sanders during the Primaries for being too cozy with the shale industry.

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Happy Hour: Hoagie Edition

Americans of every political stripe paused this week to celebrate national Eat a Hoagie Day. Whether you prefer the term grinder, hero, submarine, torpedo or big-ass sandwich, no 10-Mouthwatering-Historical-Facts-about-Hoagies-MainPhotoone can deny that outside of the internal combustion engine, few inventions have made the lives of all Americans better than the venerable hoagie.

And almost as if on cue (or by divine providence), the first lawsuit was filed this week over the enactment of Philadelphia’s sugary drink tax.  Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the case of John’s Roast Pork vs. The City of Philadelphia.  Mmmmmm.  Roast pork sounds good right about now.  When is Roy Wells coming back from Philly and does he have a cooler?

On the national scene this week, a poll was released showing that a full six in ten GOP likely voters would like to dump every single member of Congress and start from scratch.  What was not reported, however, is that by “every single member of Congress” most voters mean “every member except mine.”  

Donald Trump came to Pennsylvania to discuss his plan to expand child care.  Really?  That sounds very boring and very un-Trump-like.  Get your act together over there.

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Time To Get Your Gridiron Tickets: Steve Esack

Mc-bio-steve-esackGuest blog by Steve Esack, Harrisburg correspondent - Allentown Morning Call

The national news and political muckety–mucks have their annual comedy night, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, in Washington, D.C.

But did you know that the same type of comedy extravaganza – minus the red carpet and Hollywood star power – goes on in Harrisburg each year?

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Who you calling 'undocumented' anyway?: Tony May

Chainlink-securityIn case you missed it on PennLive over the weekend, here is Triad Partner Tony May's column on Trump's immigration policy.

Who you calling 'undocumented' anyway? By Tony May

The surprise issue of the 2016 presidential race is the question of illegal immigrants. "America first," says Donald Trump and the crowd roars.

"A nation without borders is not a nation."  We (a pronoun not clearly defined) were here first so you can't "come in" unless we give you a permit to do so, the reasoning goes.

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