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Knox Medical Opens New State of the Art Dispensary

Most people, truth be told, still have a mental image when talk turns to medical cannabis of buying a wrinkled baggy of non-descript dried leaves from a “friend of a friend” behind the dumpster at the corner convenience store.  The dispensary that opened last week in Orlando – one of Florida’s first – shows just how far science and design have changed reality. IMG_9343 (002)

 The new Knox Medical facility underscores why Knox was ranked the top applicant for licensing to grow, process and dispense the new medical botanicals in Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas.  It’s ground floor, airy and light facility in Orlando was described by a first-time visitor as a cross between a pharmacy and a country club.

 “Knox Medical is working with Florida’s top architects and designers to create a cohesive dispensary experience that puts the needs and interests of our patients first,” said Jose J. Hidalgo, Knox founder and CEO. “At every stage in this process, from cultivation, to processing, and now to dispensing superior quality medicines at these state-of-the-art facilities, our objective at Knox Medical is to redefine excellence in the medicinal cannabis field at every level.” We are privileged to serve our fellow Floridians in most need who will receive compassionate medical care at Knox Medical’s dispensaries,” said Bruce Knox, co-founder and COO.

Based in Miami, FL, Knox Medical is one of the fastest growing companies in the medical cannabis category and an applicant for licensing in Pennsylvania. 

Upon entering the midtown Orlando facility, patients are seated in a waiting area, then are escorted into the dispensary. Consultations are provided in private rooms. The glass interior, accented with wood paneling, glistening white moldings, adorned with modern minimalist furnishings is the polar opposite of bean bags and lava lamps skeptics may have been expecting. 

The 2,600-square-foot dispensary will be operating from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekends.  Cash and debit cards are the only tender accepted. An armed security guard is present during business hours and strategically placed security cameras have been installed, giving patients added reassurance their safety is a priority.

A full retail experience is to be had if you decide to purchase a Knox Medical hat, coffee mug or compression socks with plans to stock about 30 products in a few weeks.


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Blazers Choice (The Blazers Choice)

Awesome knox medical, way to go guys! glad to see safe access spreading across america and canada! amazing


This is awesome! Knox Medical's objective is so good that it reflects on their facilities! Great job! Can't wait to check them out soon.

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