Friday Happy Hour: Chocolate Crash Edition
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Friday Happy Hour: Dr. Dre Edition

Thanks to yet another weird internet challenge, Yanni once again found his musical career relevant this week.  Trust us, he didn’t hear “Laurel.”  The legendary Greek composer and Og-dre musician thanks you.   

North Korean dictators can be untrustworthy and downright sneaky, we were reminded this week, as Kim Jong Un’s regime backtracked on the proposed meeting with President Trump, saying that “de-nuking” was no longer on the menu.  Wow, who among us could have predicted that move? Lucy, grab that football. 

The U.S. Senate this week served up a reminder that a motivated minority can sometimes make a difference, as the Senate Democrats successfully led a charge to block the FCC from changing rules governing net neutrality.  The House is eagerly awaiting the bill, which it will summarily light on fire and dump in the nearest trash can.

Meanwhile, over in the House, another motivated minority (centrist Republicans) is four votes shy of forcing a vote on an immigration deal that would protect so-called Dreamers.  As one might expect, the current GOP leadership team is less than amused by this tactic, which they characterize as “letting Nancy win.”  This preoccupation with Nancy Pelosi can be a real nuisance at times, we are finding. 

Tuesday was Primary Election Day in the Keystone State, and there were plenty of story lines that emerged.  First, state Sen. Scott Wagner held off two challengers to win the right to take on Gov. Tom Wolf this fall.  One York native will now take on another York native, and for our money, we would like to see the winner crowned the Duke of York.  

Speaking of York, Governor Wolf will be teamed up with a fellow native son, as York native and current Braddock Mayor John Fetterman won the nomination for lieutenant governor.  Coming this fall: Fetterman on his Harley and Wolf in his Jeep. 

Congressman Lou Barletta will square off against U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. this fall in yet another round of “Casey is vulnerable!” even though he has never lost a statewide race to a Republican (5-0, if you are playing at home.)  Casey gets out of the blocks with a pretty massive fundraising advantage, so Barletta has some dollars to dial for if he wants to make this a race.

Undoubtedly the biggest winners on Tuesday night were Democratic women, who swatted away challengers like so many flies.  With all due respect to Lynn Yeakel, 2018 is shaping up to truly be the Year of the Woman, at least in the Keystone State.  Don’t believe us?  Ask the Old Gray Lady herself. 

For a comprehensive rundown of all the winners and losers from Tuesday, we leave you with the musings of our good friend John Micek at 

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rocked the sports world by overturning a 1992 law that banned sports betting in all but four states.  As fate would have it, the Pennsylvania General Assembly might have had an inkling this would happen, as it included language to authorize sports betting in a gaming expansion bill passed last year.  Good on ya, Pennsylvania.  We have ten bucks that says you won’t regret it. 

The state Supreme Court, meanwhile, is kicking the tires on the constitutionality of the Philadelphia soda tax, although its ultimate opinion may not matter.  The General Assembly does not seem inclined to wait around.   

Just as legislators begin the real work to finish this year’s budget, a federal judge’s ruling has blown a $200 million hole in the current one.  The court ruled that the General Assembly could not transfer surplus money from a medical malpractice liability fund, thereby tossing a grenade into the budget talks.  Nothing is easy around here.

Triad Strategies has a team of public relations professionals who would like to remind people that if they are going to be a loud, threatening, racist chumps in public, they should probably keep in mind that people carry phones with recording devices on them.  And your loud, racist, threatening and downright chumpish behavior could come back to haunt you very quickly.  

Lyft this week announced that it has now captured a full 35 percent of the ride-share market nationwide.  Hey Uber, check your rearview mirror.  There is an object in it that is closer than it appears. 

In another Shameless Client Plug, we give a big shout-out to our friends at Johnson Controls International, who landed on the list of the top 100 corporate citizens.  Corporate responsibility is no longer an option in today’s world, it is a necessity. 

In our We Can’t Make This Up section this week, it looks like a Pennsylvania court has, indeed, forgot about Dre.  A Pennsylvania gynecologist, Dr. Draion Burch has won his copyright suit against rapper Dr. Dre.  The real Dr. Drai is now free to trademark his name.  It’s a Dre Day in PA, ladies and gentlemen.    

That’s what passes for news around here, as we prepare for the General Assembly to return next week to start the stretch run to the budget deadline.  Be sure to check in with us next week for more disenchanting discourse.  From all your friends at Triad, have a great weekend!

The Triadvocate is a publication of Triad Strategies, LLC, a bipartisan lobbying, public affairs, strategic communications, grassroots advocacy, issue management consulting firm located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with offices in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh


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