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Many reasons to vote yes on HB 2241

Please take a moment to review this message from Jeff Brown, a fourth generation Philadelphia grocer who operates Shop-Rite stores. 

Click here to learn about Tyrone Page's second chance and what Brown’s ShopRite stores are doing to serve the Philadelphia community.

Brown’s ShopRite stores in Philadelphia has been a national leader in reducing the food desert crisis in Philadelphia. He and his company has invested millions of dollars to be more than the local grocery store that provides access to affordable and fresh foods – a huge need in the city’s most underserved and poorest neighborhoods. Brown’s ShopRite has invested in providing health centers, nutritionists and other critical community needs in its stores to better meet the need of its neighborhood shoppers. This impact is more than just about food – it is about building and providing the resources the community needs.

HB 2241 will help stores like Jeff Brown’s continue to serve the community and invest in eliminating food deserts while creating second chance opportunities for the people of Philadelphia.

Brown’s ShopRite is also a leading employer of previously incarcerated community members – providing them the training and career opportunities for them to grow when they return to their neighborhood. He is providing them a chance. Of his 3,000 employees, 500 of them have been previously incarcerated. 

HB2241 is about more than just the Philadelphia beverage tax. It is about protecting stores like ShopRite who have used state grants and a significant amount of their own private dollars to fix Philadelphia’s food deserts and to provide critical services like health clinics and nutritional advice to its shoppers. 

It is time that the state legislature fixes this horrendous policy. Please vote YES on HB 2241. 


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