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Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday made a surprise appearance in front of a microphone, something he had not done for more than two years. The nine-minute speech sent the Beltway into a full-blown tizzy, and President Trump into a full-blown fit. During it all, Mueller looked like an exasperated college professor who knows that none of his students actually read the course material but were writing reports on it, regardless.

A report came out this week stating that CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are “birthing centers for polarizing rhetoric.” Alabama elected officials immediately banned all three networks out of fear that these so-called “birthing centers” might also provide abortion counseling. 

Speaking of abortions, Gov. Tom Wolf sent a message out to all those who fear that Pennsylvania could follow Alabama, Missouri and Louisiana in passing strict new abortion laws: ain’t happenin’, captain. As long as Wolf is behind the wheel of the blue Jeep, abortion is not a lane he will be entering.  

The Washington Post this week reminded all of us that the 2020 presidential primary race can officially kick off now that Memorial Day is behind us. Meanwhile, the same newspaper has already devoted roughly 38 million column inches over the past year to the 24 Democrats who have announced they are running. 

We also learned this week that when it comes to protecting the Chesapeake Bay, Pennsylvania is in the rear with the gear, with our efforts lagging way behind our neighboring states. So if you happen to enjoy a good blue crab or an oyster from time to time, y’all may wanna pay attention here.  

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has wrapped up his 67-county listening tour on the potential legalization of marijuana. Fear not friends and foe alike, you can still go on the Interwebs and vent your respective spleens about the issue right here. 

Governor Wolf is tossing around some scratch to 38 municipalities to clamp down on dangerous intersections where scofflaws have been running red lights. So stop scoffing at the law, people.

Bethlehem hit the jackpot this week as Sands Casino officially changed owners, with the new owners bringing along a cool $190 million for a new hotel and waterpark adjacent to the casino. Once again, we are reminded that there is no need to schlep down to Atlantic City when you can go to the sunny Lehigh Valley!

In other gambling news, Sugarhouse Casino this week became the first casino in the state to offer online sports betting. Sugarhouse estimates that of the first 100 online bets it logged, 90 of them were on the Phillies to win the World Series. 

It was not a good week at UPMC, a small mom-and-pop health care outfit you may have heard about somewhere. Elected officials and UPMC employees took to the streets and the UPMC boardroom this week to talk about lack of patient access, crushing medical debt and low wages, with a former U.S. treasury secretary referring to the CEO as “evil.” Nothing to see here, move along!  

Senate Republicans this week released their counteroffer to Governor Wolf’s RestorePA plan. The GOP plan would scale down the spending portion of the governor’s plan and replace the shale tax with increased drilling on state forests to fund the whole thing. Wolf thought about it for almost thirty-five minutes before saying, “No thanks.”  

Pennsylvania will end the year with a pretty healthy surplus, according to most estimates, something we have not seen around these parts since the halcyon days of the Ridge administration. If you were wondering what lawmakers and the governor intend to do with this largesse, go online to Sugarhouse Casino’s betting app and put your next mortgage payment on “save it.”

In the past two decades, Pennsylvania’s suicide rate has jumped an alarming 34 percent. This spike has prompted a set of lawmakers to establish a suicide task force to search for solutions. It is usually at this point in our paragraph construction where we make some snarky comment, but there is decidedly nothing funny about suicide so we will just say “Bravo!” and move along.

Shameless Client Plug Time! First, we bring you this article about our friends at Johnson Controls, who are building an HVAC workforce by training formerly incarcerated people. Note to criminal justice reform folks: this is the type of corporate partnership that will help make your efforts successful.

Shameless Client Plug 2 goes to our friends at Pocono Raceway, who are once again teaming up with Attorney General Josh Shapiro to offer a ride around the Tricky Triangle in exchange for you coughing up some old prescription drugs.

In our We Can’t Make This Up segment, we give a hat tip to Billy Penn (the online site, not the founder of the Commonwealth) for uncovering this gem. Upon turning 10 years old, a Philly nonprofit named Mighty Writers decided to Tweet out the great natal news, only to have Twitter shut down its page immediately due to terms-of-use violations. Confused? The organization was only 10, and you must be at least 13 to have a Twitter account. Those Twitter cops are brutal, man!  

That’s what passes for news around here as we anxiously await the return of the General Assembly. We haven’t been this excited since Avengers: Endgame came out! Until then, from all your friends at Triad, have a great weekend! 


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