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Spring Intern Alexis S. Anderson Reflects on Her Time at Triad


I had the opportunity to intern at Triad Strategies full-time for the spring semester of my junior year at Temple University through its Capitol Semester Program. I knew that I wanted to see lobbying firsthand, but I got to see so much more during my time here. I knew very little about Pennsylvania state politics when I first arrived in Harrisburg (as I hail from our fair New Jersey), but thanks to the wide range of clients Triad works with, I was able to familiarize myself with the full gamut of policy issues affecting the state.

My daily tasks included bill tracking, attending committee hearings, joining client meetings, conducting research projects, and even attending a few political fundraisers. My colleagues at Triad introduced me to countless politicos and made sure I was as involved in the political process as possible. Roy Wells, on top of being Triad’s president and managing partner, is an instructor for the Capitol Semester Program, so I was able to learn even more about state politics and political culture from his course.

020D11E1-BAD0-40D4-ABE1-48B7C29E73A4-2699-000000A6D550C5C2My time here wasn’t all work and no play, though. My very first week, Olivia Edwards took me to Rep.Gene DiGirolamo’s office to watch Governor Wolf’s inauguration with a handful of other representatives, then she and I went to the inaugural reception that night! The team allowed me to experience as much as I could while I was here, including giving me time off to attend the state-related universities’ Appropriations Committee hearing with some of my classmates, where we met Temple President Richard Englert and Sen. Sharif Street. The other program interns and I ate with President Englert and Temple’s government affairs team afterward, thanks to Olivia encouraging me to ask the president to lunch.

Later in the semester, we interns had the opportunity to sit down with Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. He was incredibly down-to-earth, and we discussed a range of issues from marijuana legalization to criminal justice reform. And just when I thought I’d met all the political stars I could, Roy introduced me to Gov. Tom Wolf himself before this year’s Gridiron dinner! With that, I officially checked off the last box on my Harrisburg bucket list.

IMG_7788This was such an incredible experience, and everyone at Triad was endlessly supportive and trusted me with serious work. I’ve certainly grown as a professional because of this internship. I’m more confident, a stronger networker and a more strategic thinker. I’ll be returning to Philadelphia for my senior year this fall and plan on attending law school once I graduate. What I learned about advocating a policy position, client objective, and winning political message will stick with me for years to come.

I could not be more grateful to my Triad family for supporting me and for all that the family helped me achieve. On today, my last day with the team, I just have to say that I miss you already, and I’ll make certain we meet again soon!




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