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Triad Driven by Team Approach

By: Roy Wells 

The lobbying community in Pennsylvania is comprised of many sole proprietors, small and medium-sized partnerships, law firms, and large lobbying and public affairs firms. In some cases, the largest firms can be organized as a collection of sole proprietors each of whom has their own book of business, while others work collaboratively with each other’s clients, while still other’s might build a team based on the needs of the client. Triad Strategies is the latter.


Given the infinite number of potential issues that can come before government decision-makers, the number of recommended strategies is vast. In some cases, a single lobbyist based on their strengths and the issue, may be the one who can put forward the best strategy.  At Triad, we believe that a firm that can take the combined experiences and strengths of a dozen highly skilled individuals, should be able to put forward a better strategy on a consistent basis. A true team approach affords our client’s with just such an opportunity.

Like building any major league sports team, you try to draft (hire) the best talent available based on your perceptions of their talent and your needs, hope that you can put the best lineup on the field, and manage them in such a way that you continually have winning seasons. Sometimes you draft a utility player, sometimes a future hall of famer, sometimes you pick up free agents, and sometimes other teams pick up your free agents. 

One thing you always recognize is that a team is comprised of a unique set of skilled individuals, and in the right combination, barring injury (someone quitting or being let go), you put the best team on the field to compete day in and day out.

Triad is fortunate to have picked up some great talent during the off season. In case you missed the announcements over the past few months, we added five new team members to our lineup:


Megan Dapp – Senior Associate

Quick Stats: 14-year public affairs veteran, nonprofit experience

Hometown: Camp Hill, PA

Drafted: February 2019

Position: Utility player  


Rob Ghormoz – Senior Associate

Quick Stats: Veteran Wolf staffer, campaign staffer

Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, PA

Drafted: April 2019

Position: Lobbyist


Jennifer Mann – Owner, JL Mann Strategies

Quick Stats: Former PA State Representative, business owner

Hometown: Allentown, PA

Drafted: February 2019

Position: Consultant


Daena Ortenzio

Quick Stats: Former PA House & Senate Staffer

Hometown: Camp Hill, PA

Drafted: June 2019

Position: Communicator  


Jan Webb

Quick Stats: Veteran executive assistant

Hometown: Klingerstown, PA

Drafted: April 2019

Position: Operations

Today, we are proud to say, that we have the best team we have ever assembled, working with some of the very best clients we have had the pleasure of representing. Triad is fortunate to be working on issues that are being debated daily and making a difference for our clients within those debates. Each client gets a dedicated team working with them, and since we can freely make substitutions depending upon the need, always has a dozen individuals working on their behalf. 

Speaking of our clients, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of them for giving us the opportunity to assist them in achieving their objectives. All our clients have been wonderful fans of Triad, and we look forward to our continuing our partnership as we complete another year’s legislative budget season.

Drop by our website and take the opportunity to learn more about the entire Triad team and the clients we represent. If you are seeking government affairs, strategic communications and/or business development services in Pennsylvania, we are the team for you!


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