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During the fall semester of my senior year at Temple University, I had the opportunity to intern in Harrisburg through the Temple’s Capitol Semester Program.  I thought this program would be an excellent opportunity for me to expand my professional experience as a Political Science student. I chose Harrisburg for my internship experience because I wanted to gain connections that I could maintain and build upon when I return home to Montgomery County.  I could not have gotten any luckier with my placement.  Triad gave me the opportunity to work firsthand with several players in PA politics, including legislators, companies, stakeholders and lobbyists.

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My roles and responsibilities at Triad included tracking legislation, attending committee meetings, and conducting research projects that serve our clients.  I also had the opportunity to attend legislative meetings on behalf of our clients. One of the favorite aspects of my internship with Triad was that every day was different. In the average week, I spent only a fraction of my time at a desk. I traveled to state agencies, saw all corners of the Capitol, and attended political fundraisers. The exposure to politicians and government process was far greater than I could have imagined.

Triad did more than expose me to politics, they also provided me with an encouraging work environment.  Everyone there is so helpful, both to me and to one another.  The comradery within the office is unparalleled. Triad takes a team approach, collaborating across practices to provide their best chance at success.  I appreciated the wide variety of mentors and experiences available through my internship.   

I used this internship to test out if Harrisburg and state government would be a career path I would be interested in pursuing after graduation in 2020.  Thanks to Triad, I have a newfound appreciation for advocacy and business. I hope to build upon my private sector experience by pursuing a work opportunity with constituents in the public sector sometime this Spring. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the Pennsylvania State Government and the politics landscape. I will take home a set of professional skills and expanded network that will help launch my career in politics. I hope this is not “goodbye,” but rather “see you later.”

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