Friday Happy Hour: Buenos Dias Mi Perro Edition
Relief, Reopening, and Recovery

With a little help from our friends

by Roy Wells


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I have been privileged over the past decade to meet many thought leaders in the business community.  As a member of Vistage International, I have been exposed to dozens of Central Pennsylvania CEO’s who all share a desire to become better leaders in order to achieve success for their customers, clients, employees, families and themselves. Through the leadership of John Dame, our CEO groups have been exposed to nationally- and internationally-renowned speakers on topics that span the spectrum from self-improvement, marketing, sales, coaching, mentoring and leadership. In an effort to keep us connected and sharing resources through the pandemic, John and his son Ed, have created an online resource to help anyone who is looking for guidance on dealing with COVID-19.

John and Ed are not the only ones though. Many thought leaders that I have encountered during my professional journey have also offered their insights, assets, networks, and guidance that can assist all of us navigate through this tumultuous period in our lives.

One of those individuals, Dean Minuto, has been a major influence on how Triad has evolved over the past 10 months. He has helped position us to increase our value proposition with our clients, but over the past month, bring the full value of our services to every client and friend that needs them.

Dean, a Vistage International Speaker of the Year, assisted the firm in understanding the science of the brain.  Of course, you are now asking yourself why are a bunch of public affairs professionals studying the brain?  Dean’s work revolves around three words: BE, BY and Because (“who we want to BE - our Values - BY exhibiting these actions (Behaviors), and the reasons why they work from science and will optimize our customer experience (the Because). He helped us to understand how the limbic brain, whose primary role is to keep us alive, takes over when we are in danger. It is the part of our brain that puts us in fight or flight mode. His recent free webinar with Dr. Bill Crawford, offered some great techniques on relieving stress and regaining control, so you can move from being in a defensive posture to an offensive one. After all, the best defense is a strong offense.

Dean has also contributed to Triad by introducing us to the work of David Friedman, CEO of High Performing Culture.  We always believed that our corporate culture was part of our competitive advantage. It came full circle when I was discussing David’s book “Culture by Design,” with John Dame during one of our coaching sessions, and John offered to introduce me to David, because he is also a sought-after Vistage Speaker. 

We started working with David, in November of 2019, and in January we rolled out the “Triad Way” and have started the lifelong process of institutionalizing and ritualizing our culture. I truly believe that it is Triad’s culture which has provided the foundation for how our team has elevated our partnership with our clients and continue to help them navigate their way to the other side of this crisis.

Another value of Vistage is that it offers members webinars, and over the past month has kicked into high gear providing as much insight as possible to help its members navigate through this crisis. One of those webinars was led by Patrick Lencioni, founder of The Table Group, and a world-renowned author, speaker and thought leader on teams and organizational behavior. Though this webinar is behind a firewall, Patrick is offering great content for everyone on his website. He has validated that Triad’s internal emphasis on embracing and ritualizing our corporate culture, has been the major contributor to our becoming a “healthy organization”. Organizational health is what has allowed us to not miss a beat in serving our client’s needs during this time

Triad Strategies would not have evolved into the company it is today if we had not been exposed to many of these thought leaders. Because these relationships have had such an impact on us, we wanted to share them with you as a way of thanking them for what they have offered us, and more importantly share what you can gain from the services they have been offering during this crisis.

I can’t emphasize enough, that Triad Strategies is here for our clients, but our friends and acquaintances as well. If you have any questions, or need to be pointed in a particular direction, don’t hesitate to send us an email, give us a call, or let’s set up a video chat.We are all in this together, and we want to help you emerge from this as a stronger organization.


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